Rutkiewicz: ‘That was a stage to last out’

So far Marek Rutkiewicz has been doing very well in the stages of the 68th Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour. The cyclist from the CCC Polsat Polkowice group attacked in the fifth stretch, winning the precious three seconds at the sprint stage. In the interview for s24 he shared his impressions from the stage to Zakopane.

– You can probably be satisfied with that stage, the three bonus seconds make you happy. What do you think about today’s racing?

Today it was all right, I had a bit more luck. Yesterday I was taken away those seven seconds, which was in my opinion unfair, so today I had the motivation to win the precious seconds. That bonus came handy to me, so I attacked to win those seconds, I expected nothing else from that action..

– What do you think, were the contestants saving themselves for Gliczarów?

Gliczarów is surely a great challenge, but I also think that toda’s stage was not that horrible. Today everybody got equally tired, so that was a stage to last out. I talked to other cyclists, who said that they already feel a bit those kilometres in their legs.

– Will you be following the weather forecast for tomorrow?

What will be, will be. I have great tyres, which stick well to the dry surface, and perfectly in the rain. Today’s cycling is a bit like Formula 1, it advanced a lot, so the equipment is better and better, and more and more universal. If it rains, I will be ready.

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