Rutkiewicz: ‘The finish was arranged for the Belgians’

Admittedly, Marek Rutkiewicz had not planned the start in the world championships in Copenhagen, but he was appointed at the last moment to the national team of Poland. Despite that ‘Rutek’ rode the mass-start race the best of our cyclists. He got ranked in the 28th place.

Also Michał Kwiatkowski and Maciej Paterski gave a very good performance, taking respectively the 31st and 38th place. We haven’t had such good performance at world championships for a long time.

– A short question: are you satisifed with the place among the top 30 ?

I think yes. I was not a favourite for that race among the national team riders. We counted more on Michał Gołaś and ‘Kwiatek’. Together with Maciej Paterski we were to try and get into actions in the uphill stretches. We were supposed to be everywhere where you have to be. And we were there. The sprint was arranged typically for the Belgians. It’s a pity the finish was not successful for Kwiatkowski, but he was already tired of pushing his way through the peloton. Obviously, we do not have such a train as the national team of Belgium or Italy. The two of us were not able to do more for him. Summa summarum I think that was a good race.

– That crash in the 12th lap spoiled your tactical plans. In the second group, which then tried to chase you, there were Michał Gołaś, Bartosz Huzarski and Maciej Bodnar. It would have been easier to get through the Belgian, French and Italian cyclists with them.

Luckily for our threesome that crash happened right behind our backs, or rather next to us. I managed to notice how Thomas Voeckler got pushed to the railings. Somehow he managed to keep control and not fall down. The others were unlucky. I thought, however, that it was just a small accident, and the peloton was riding together again. Only later I turned around and saw that it was the end our our group. … Those at the front always have better chances. Especially in such a short lap and at such a race as world championships it is better to stay at the head. A moment of carelessness, distraction and the whole peloton gets divided, which we could see today. It’s a pity that it happened to us too.

– The world championships are ticked, the season is coming to its end. What other dates have you marked red in your schedule?

Next week we are still having two classic cycle races. One in France, the other one in Germany, but we are going to go easy on them. That will be an official conclusion of the season for CCC Polsat Polkowice. The more so because on Friday the whole team are going to the wedding party of Mateusz Taciak (laughing) Then I will start practising.