Rutkiewicz: The white-red jersey is back in CCC Polsat Polkowice

In his blog on the website Marek Rutkiewicz shared his thoughts about very successful Polish championship for CCC Polsat Polkowice. He also wrote about preparation for the next goal of the season, Tour de Pologne.

– It’s been only 2 weeks since Tour de Suisse, and we already have to come back to hard, mountain trainings. I hope they will prepare me well for Tour de Pologne, which is coming up fast.

I would like to go back one week and summarize the Polish championship, which was held in Sobotka. The road race was extremely hard and the level of racing was very high. I don’t remember when was the last nation championship when there was high speed from the very start. Basically throughout the entire race there were attacks in front of the peleton and almost every time there was somebody from our team in them. Almost, because 2 laps before the finish Maciej Bodnar went solo.

We had everything under control, because there was six of us in the front. We caught the single escapee and in the final part we helped Bartek Matysiak to win the national champion title. So after 3 years the white-red jersey came back to CCC Polsat Polkowice. Congratulations Matys!

After the championship it was time for rest. Of course it didn’t last too long, only 5 days, but it was enough to recover and motivate myself for the upcoming next hard part of the season. Right now I’m in my favorite place for training, in Zieleniec. I will stay here until the end of July, with a short break for Tour of Sibiu (17-20 of July). I hope that the weather will be fine and I will be able to do my training program in 100%.

source: ( blog of Marek Rutkiewicz