Rutkiewicz: “This season for a plus”

Marek Rutkiewicz dominated the domestic season in cycling. “Rutek” won practically everything there was to win. In an interview with he recalls 2012.


The winning in the ProLiga, triumph in “Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich”, Małopolski Wyścig Górski” and the victory in the Circuit des Ardennes. I think you can be satisfied with the course of the season?

The beginning of the season was even very successful, then unfortunately it wasn’t so good. It started from the Polish Championships in Sędziszów where I had two crashes. Then the same thing happened to me on “Wyścig Solidaroności I Olimpijczyków”, and the most important race for me Tour de Pologne. All the crashes were so serious that eliminated me from the fight on these events. But end of the season was far more optimistic. Season generally on a plus.

– Were you expecting that it would be so good?

After a solid training winter I knew it would be better. Too bad that I ran out of luck in most races.

– Everything was indicated that this year we won’t see you on Polish roads. You had to go to NetApp. How long have you needed to recover after the German left you on the ice?

It certainly wasn’t so easy, as I found out from a manager NetApp that there are “problems with my contract.” Half of November and December I spent on the search for a new team. Fortunately, the help offered me my current team CCC Polsat Polkowice, without hesitation, I signed a contract for the current season.

– You started a season from a win in Sobótka, where, as you said, you didn’t feel so good. Next victory came very fast. Which is the most important to you?

All victories at the beginning of the season I remember very good, but the biggest surprise for me was the victory in the French stage Circuit des Ardennes. The race in very rough terrain, well occupied, and fight to the last meters to win in general classification. I think that this victory was the most important for me, because the harder it comes, the more it is valued.

– After great performances in the late spring you started in Polish National Team in the Tour de Pologne. You fell in Opole, and broke the wheel …

Yes, unfortunately … Unlucky stage to Opole excluded me from further fight for the podium TDP. Unfortunately, besides losses of hardware, I have got in an accident an injure, which was felt in subsequent stages.

– Despite this, in Cieszyn you fought to win the rounds. Unfortunately, it failed. When at last we have a Polish cyclist on the top step of the podium? Michal Kwiatkowski was very close. It goes youth?

This year was special when you look at the struggle of Polish cyclists in the TDP. Gained jerseys of mountaineer and activer, and the incredible ride “Kwiatka” in the whole race. A little more luck and Polish cyclists not only win the next year’s TDP stages, but also the entire race. Because you can see after this year’s performances that we can afford it.

– And how do you evaluate the attitude of your younger colleagues in this season racing in the west? Rafal Majka, Paul Poljański, Karol Domagalski …

It is obvious that the Polish cycling is getting better. More and more Polish cyclists go to very good teams, which compete in the most important races of the UCI calendar and you can see the results.

– Are you going to ride in the west teams? Maybe you will join the ranks of our compatriots in WorldTour? Every year we speculate about your transfer to a foreign group. For example, Euskaltel …

Today, I stay in my current team CCC Polsat Polkowice. According to my transfer to one of the WorldTour teams such Euskaltel – well, I will pass over in silence(laughs).

– CCC Polsat will be stronger. Jacek Morajko and Adrian Kurek come, the team will enter the Pro-Conti.

Next season for the “orange” promises to be very “colorful”. Status Pro-Conti team, a strong composition cause that it can be fully satisfied being in the team.

– Do you still think about the bad luck on Caubergu that eliminated you from the struggle for the high places at the World Cup?

Failure of the front derailleur. Well, I could fight for a good place – maybe in the top 10. But unfortunately it happens. I try not to think about the “worst” moments.

– Do you have any plans, so to speak, holiday?

First of all I would like to relax, because I admit that I got tired of this rather long season. And when I rest, I will think about what to do with the rest of the holiday time ….