Schulze – the winner of the classic race Rund um die Braunkohle.

Andre Schulze from CCC Polsat Polkowice became the winner of the classic race Rund um die Braunkohle (1.1 UCI). In a sprinter’s duel he defeated his compatriot, Steffen Radochla from the team of Nurtixxion Sparkasse and the Italian, Enrico Montanari (WIT).

The route of this year’s edition of the race, that has been reactivated in 2004, led along the picturesque roads around Leipzig. The cyclists were to ride a route of 182 kilometres, however, it was eventually shortened to 166 kilometres. From the start there were numerous attacks and attempts to break away in the peloton. In one of those break-aways, there was Łukasz Bodnar, who after winning the time trial of the race in the Czech Lidice withdrew from it and got into the line-up for the classic race in Leipzig. The four-cyclist break-away, in which, apart from Bodnar, there was also Eric Baumann, gained 1.5 minutes of advantage over the peloton, but the quick pace in the peloton did not allow the escapees to reach the finishing line. At the finishing line in Leipzig sprint cyclists took over the struggle for the victory.

Andre Schulze from CCC Polsat Polkowice, aged 36, turned out to be the best of them. The second place was taken by Steffen Radochla, and the third one was Enrico Montanari.