Sibiu Tour: Rebellin third in the mountain top finish

On the very demanding stage 1 of Sibiut Cycling Tour Davide Rebellin climbed up the final mountain in third place. He was beaten only by Radoslav Rogina and Primo Roglic, both from Adria Mobil.

The pace in the first hour of racing was extremely high, almost 47km/h. It was impossible to break clear. The first group which gained a bigger margin consisted of 6 riders. One of them was Adrian Honkisz. Later three other riders joined the breakaway. Honkisz and Kristjan Fajt (Adria Mobil), Connor Mcconvey (Synergy Baku Cycling Project), Oleksandr Prevar (Kolss Cycling Team), Mattia Frapporti (MG Kvis – Wilier), Bram Nolten (Parkhotel Valkenburg CT), Antonio Parrinello, Diego Rosa (both Androni Giocattoli – Venezuela) and Louis Convens (Verandas Willems) managed to create 2:30 advantage over the bunch.

It was definitely not enough taking into consideration the final climb to Balea Lac – almost 15 kilometer long and 5,2% steep. CCC Polsat Polkowice was setting the pace from the bottom of the climb and dropped many riders. The group shrunk to just 40 people.

Few kilometers from the top Radoslav Rogina decided to go solo for the victory. His lead increased to over one minute and he arrived to the finish with a solid advantage. One minute and 20 seconds later his teammate, Primo Roglic came in in 2nd place. Right behind him was Rebellin.

The trio leads now in the general classification, but there is a lot to come and there will be plenty of opportunities to change the situation in the GC.


Results of stage 1, Sibiu – Balea Lac, 143,6 km;

1. Radoslav Rogina (Adria Mobil) 4:12:49

2. Primo Roglic (Adria Mobil) 01:20

3. Davide Rebellin (CCC Polsat Polkowice)
11. Branislau Samiolau 02:40

36. Nikolay Mihaylov 08:29

47. Adrian Honkisz 09:49

71. Łukasz Owsian 16:50

92. Jacek Morajko 23:49

93. Maciej Paterski
General classification after stage 1:

1. Radoslav Rogina (Adria Mobil) 4:15:58

2. Primo Roglic (Adria Mobil) 01:21

3. Davide Rebellin (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 01:25

11. Branislau Samoilau 02:50

36. Nikolay Mihaylov 08:38

44. Adrian Honkisz 10:01

71. Łukasz Owsian 16:59

92. Maciej Paterski 23:53

94. Jacek Morajko 24:08