Sisr just missed out on the podium in Visegrad 4 GP Poland

Frantisek Sisr captured 4th place in Polish 1.2 event, Visegrad 4 Bicycle Race Grand Prix Poland, which was held on a circuit around Sobótka.

Info: 17th of September, Sobótka – Sobótka, 180km

Course: 10 undulating laps, 18km each

How it unfolded

First few laps of the race saw multiple attacks. One of them was launched by Adrian Tekliński who soloed in the lead with 1:40 gap. His move was quickly neutralized though and with 50km into the race a new break was established. Bartłomiej Matysiak (Hurom), Damian Sławek (GKS Cartusia), Bartosz Rudyk (Wielkopolska) and Vitaliy Buts (Kolss) went away. Since CCC Sprandi Polkowice didn’t have any representative in the front, Alan Banaszek had to react quickly. He decided to bridge across by himself, joining the quarter. Together they opened up a 3-minute lead.

Unfortunately they were unable to hold off chasing bunch and got caught just before entering last lap, with 18km to go. From that point the group stayed all together until the very end and the winner came from a bunch gallop. Kamil Zieliński (Domin) crossed the line first, edging out Rok Korosec (Team Amplatz) and Sylwester Janiszewski (Wiabtech 7r Fuji). Frantisek Sisr just missed out on the podium, taking 4th place.