Sisr victorious in Visegrad 4 Kerekparverseny

It was quite a Saturday for the “orange squad”, since outside of Łukasz Owsian’s stage victory at CCC Tour – Grody Piastowskie, the team also dominated Hungarian one-day event, Visegrad 4 Kerekparverseny (1.2).

Info: May 12th, Budapes – Pannonhalma, 168,2km

Course: undulating

CCC Sprandi Polkowice had things under control right from the get-go. 20-man strong breakaway went away early and it included as many as five riders of Polkowice-based team – Frantisek Sisr, Michał Paluta, Piotr Brożyna, Michal Schlegel and Patryk Stosz.

They didn’t let that opportunity to slip away and kept attacking on tough finishing circuit. Eventually “riders in orange” took 1-2 in the uphill finale, as Frantisek Sisr claimed his second victory in 2018 season and Patryk Stosz finished in 2nd.