Sporting visit in Children’s home

This day will be remembered by the children from Children’s home “Skarbek” for a long time. Children were visited by the athletes of MKS Polkowice club – basketball players, mountain riders and cyclists. They brought a lot of gifts for kids. The visit was a part of the „Polkowicki sport – ku pokrzepieniu serc”.

All the children received packages. – We are very happy. It’s great thing to be able to meet with athletes, who are usually seen on television. This is something quite amazing – said happy children who without too much embarrassment asked questions to athlets.

– What are you doing in your free time, when there is no training? How tall are you? – Magdalena Leciejewska and Magdalena Skorek responded to such questions. Basketball players, who every day play in CCC Polkowice team. Answering such questions made the girls a lot of fun.

– Our club organizes a lot of these kind of campaigns. We visit kindergarteners, meet with children from primary schools. It is very nice. Children are wonderful and direct. I think that at such meetings benefit both parties – girls added

Also Mountain cyclists – Maja Włoszczowska, Anna Szafraniec and Magda Sadłecka emphasized that the meeting with children make them a lot of joy.

– We are normal people. Causing that kids are happy is a great thing. – Maja Włoszczowska said.

For the entire visit to the children’s home, a wide smile were visible on Marek Rutkiewicz’s and Bartłomiej Matysiak’s faces – road cyclists, who also were talking kids about the races, which are involved in the season. They mentioned that the 2013 season will begin with the race in Argentina. Santa Claus visited all children and brought gifts for them.

– Super. Pillows, stuffed animals, candy. Great – kids enjoyed.

Athletes from MKS Polkowice accompanied – Tomasz Szulc, marketing specialist of MKS Polkowice, Robert Krajewski, cycling director and coordinator, and loved by all children Polkuś – basketball mascot of CCC Polkowice.

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