Stępniak: “I must admit that TdP is my dream

Grzegorz Stepniak, sprinter CCC Polsat Polkowice, after its recent successes in the race Baltic-Giant Tour, gave an interview portal Here’s what he said.

If there is a Polish sprint races for the group, we can take it virtually in the dark, the winner of the day will Grzegorz Stepniak. Recently a young representative of CCC Polsat Polkowice triumphed in four stages of the Baltic-Giant Tour, and next week will face the other sprinters in Berlin.
Congratulations, you are the best Polish sprinter …

– Thank you (laughs). Glad you think so.

Just look at the numbers. This season very well laid out for you. Two won stages in the Tour Hellena until four in the Baltic-Giant Tour, to the successful performance at the Tour of Turkey. Did you expect that?

– I knew I worked well behind the winter, our club CCC Polsat Polkowice provided us with very good conditions. All winter we stayed in warm Spain, the results have come. Until now, it was good, and I hope that this is just the beginning.

This is your second year in the peloton, the second in a shirt CCC Polsat Polkowice, but the first in the second division. You feel some changes compared to the 2012 season?

– The difference is primarily compete in good races. Since we are in the second division we opened the door to the world of the pack. This allows us to raise your level. So far, we have not reached great success on the international stage, but these races will pay off in the future. I know that …

CCC Polsat Polkowice well be strengthened. You Davide Rebellin, came Jacek Morajko, Adrian Kurek, Jarek Marycz, dominated by the prosecution on the domestic scene. I have made a number of quite good performances abroad. What is the atmosphere in the team?

– I believe that our director has completed the well. Davide is 100% professional, you can learn a lot from him a lot to learn, Marys (Marycz, ed.) Ensures a good mood in the team, this is a great rider. Kuras (cock, ed.) With Moraj (Morajko, ed.) Did not disappoint. The atmosphere in the team is very good, allowing us to achieve good results.

Do you have a patent for its success? Who do you fear most in a mass sprint?

– I do not have any patent (laughs). Bartek Matysiak is probably some, because he takes care of everything. It finishes the last 200 I somehow comes out (laughs). You’d have to ask Bart how he does it. As for the Polish peloton, it certainly Konrad Dąbkowski (BDC-MarcPol) is a player to watch out for that.

You put yourself some specific goals for this season?

– Yes. I would like to win a good race abroad where they will sprint from WorldTour – that is my goal number one. Immediate opportunity 9th June in Berlin (at ProRace, ed.). I had before this race keep fit in Estonia, but the BKT grabbed my illness, and now I have a few days off.

You look at the Tour de Pologne? Then there will be a chance to grapple with the sprinters with WorldTouru …

– Honestly, I do not see a place for themselves in the TDP. The race is for the players well riding in the mountains, the sprinters will have little to say. But hope remains. I must admit that TDP is my dream and patiently waiting for his chance.

You put yourself a deadline when it comes to the transition to WT? And what direction would you dearest?

– My decision is to be at once a better rider. If I achieved progress, it may come WT (śmech). As for the direction – hmmm, if he was cycling Real Madrid I would see in a T-shirt “royal” (laughs). A privately’m a fan of the team Rafal Majka, so