Sylwester Janiszewski wins a circuit race in Bronisze

Sylwester Janiszewski (CCC Polsat Polkowice) has won the First Cycling Race for the Crystal Apple Prize of the President of Rynek Hurtowy Bronisze (Wholesale Food and Farming Market). Sylwester Janiszewski, known as Fifek, came ahead of Marcin Wolski (Wibatech) and Mateusz Komar (BDC MarcPol).

The First Cycling Race for the Crystal Apple Prize is a spectacular, evening circuit street race for professional cyclists organised in the area of the Wholesale Food and Farming Market in Bronisze, with 1200 m rounds.Along the 60-km route of the race, points were given as follows: Every 10th . 5, 3 or 2 points were given for, respectively, the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. In the other even-numbered laps (2, 4, 6, 8, …38), one point was given for the first place.From the start of the race, points went to Sylwester Janiszewski, tireless during this season, who focussed on the so-called “fat” laps, and the winner of most of the laps was Janiszewski. The BDC MarcPol and Wibatech cyclists were also active.sAt the end of the race, the biggest winner, with as many as 22 points, was Janiszewski, who came ahead of Marcin Wolski and Mateusz Komar (5 points each), but Wolski crossed the finish line ahead of Komar.In the Small Eagle category, the winner was Piotr Wojciechowski (KTK Kalisz), followed by Eryk Latoń and Adrian Banaszek (both representing BDC MarcPol).The best team was the “orange” team.During the final rounds, Paweł Krzywania (Wibatech) had a crash. The cyclist was taken to hospital. The diagnosis was a broken leg. We wish him a quick and complete recovery.This is what the winner, Sylwester Janiszewski, said after crossing the finish line:”We came here to win. I’m happy that we’ve won again. The pace of the race very fast from the very start. My teammates were keeping an eye on our rivals and didn’t let them get away. I personally won the “fat” laps, which was our team strategy for the race. The strategy proved effective and I won the largest number of points.”In the overall standings of the Poland Bike Race, which counted the results of both races (today’s race and the Stanisław Królak Memorial Race), the winner was Sylwester Janiszewski. In the Small Eagle category, the winner was Arkadiusz Owsian (Mostostal Puławy).Source: