Sylwester Janiszewski wins in Pawłowice.

The rider of CCC Polsat Polkowice, Sylwester Janiszewski won in ‘Kolarskie Szosowe Grand Prix Ziemi Pszczyńskiej’. Dariusz Batek was second, and the third was Mieszko Bulik (TC Chrobry Felt).

On Easter Monday, in Pawłowice the Third Road Cycling Criterium for the Cup of the Pawłowice Borough Leader took place, belonging to ‘Kolarskie szosowe Grand Prix Ziemi Pszczyńskiej’.

At the starting line in the U-23 and elite categories there were 65 riders, among others from CCC Polsat Polkowice, BDC MarcPol Team and Wibatech. They had 22 laps to ride, each 2100 metres long, altogether 46.2 km. The race will be held as a criterium – every second round will award points: 5-3-2-1, the last lap awarding twice as many points.

The biggest number of points was scored by Sylwester Janiszewski, on the second step of the podium stood his club mate Dariusz Batek, Mieszko Bulik was third. Right behind the podium was Kacper Gronkiewicz (BDC MarcPol Team).

The winner in the U-23 category was Mieszko Bulik, before Kacper Gronkiewicz and Pszczolarski Wojciech (Konińskie Ludowe Tow. Cyklistów – Konin).


The results in the elite category:

1. Janiszewski Sylwester CCC Polsat Polkowice 25
2. Batek Dariusz CCC Polsat Polkowice 20
3. Bulik Mieszko TC Chrobry – Felt Głogów 16
8. Zieliński Kamil CCC Polsat Polkowice 7

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