Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala: Latoń wins the stage, Kiendyś the most aggressive

“Riders in orange” confirmed to be the strongest team in Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala, by taking 1-2 on the stage 1. Eryk Latoń sprinted for victory, ahead of Alan Banaszek. The latter has passed on his leader jersey to his winning teammate. 

After successful prologue, CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders tackled stage 1 wearing all leaders’ jerseys available. Alan Banaszek put on the most important one, the yellow jersey. The team was not eager to give them away and rode aggressively in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. They faced 68-kilometer course, which consisted of 20 laps, 3,4 kilometers each. There were 3 intermediate sprints on the menu, where the battle for the most active rider was held.

The first sprint was won by Eryk Latoń (ahead of Bartłomiej Matysiak) and the next two was taken by 4-time GC winner, Tomasz Kiendyś. Thanks to the points gathered, he received the blue jersey afterwards.

The final three laps were played out perfectly by the Polkowice-based squad. All of the “riders in orange” sat at the front of the group to lead out their sprinters. Eryk Latoń finished that work off and claimed the win. He arrived at the line ahead of Alan Banaszek. Artur Detko (Domin) was 3rd and Bartłomiej Matysiak 4th.

Latoń took over the race lead from Banaszek (he also leads the points classification). Banaszek meanwhile is the best U23 rider and leads KOM classification (there haven’t been any KOMs so far, but the jersey was awarded according to the race regulations).

Results of stage 1 of Wyścig Szlakiem Walk Mjr. Hubala:

1. Eryk Latoń (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

2. Alan Banaszek (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

3. Artur Detko (Domin Sport)

4. Bartłomiej Matysiak (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

10. Adrian Kurek (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

13. Jarosław Marycz (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

14. Tomasz Kiendyś (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

15. Piotr Brożyna (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

21. Michał Paluta (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)