Sznitko: “My form is getting better”

It is his first season in the CCC Polsat Polkowice team. The start in Turkey is another of his important experiences. As emphasizes Adam Sznitko, the competition in such races gives him an opportunity for a significant development.
– It is my another important race in this season. After Vuelta Murcia and Bergamasca it is another significant start for me, allowing me to gain experience and development – remarks Sznitko.

– In the previous season Grody was perhaps the only more important race I participated in. Now I have had three such races, let’s say similar ones, in which the level of competition is very high. It is hard to race in such events, the more so that for me it is the first year of, let’s call it, serious racing. I may definitely say it is getting better and better. Compared with last year I am certainly stronger – he remarked.
In the Sunday prologue of the Tour of Turkey Sznitko took the 66th place, losing to André Greipel by 50 seconds. As he said at the finish line the conditions for rivalry were quite hard because of the strong wind from the sea. – The wind was very strong, which made the first kilometres really hard. I felt as if I was riding with an opened parachute. I did my best, but as my pulse was increasing, the speed was getting smaller.
– At the end of the prologue the organizers arranged a climb for us. It was not an extremely demanding stretch, but after the struggle against the wind it gave us a hard time.

Still on Sunday there is a transfer of the racers to the south of Turkey planned, where further competition will take place. From Istanbul to Kuşadasi the racers of CCC Polsat Polkowice will depart about 8 p.m. On Sunday the cyclists will be competing in the first stage of the race.

source: Fabian Florek – Istanbul, Turkey