TdP: Sagan wins, Rutkiewicz tenth.

Marcel Kittel from the group of Skil Shimano triumphed in the seventh stage of Tour de Pologne. The triumpher of the whole event was Peter Sagan (Liquigas-Cannondale), who finishing in the second place won six bonus seconds, which gave him the victory in the general classification.

On the seventh, last day of competing the cyclists had 128 kilometres to ride, and the whole route led along the laps in Kraków. At the beginning of the distance Michał Podlaski from the representation of Poland and Jacek Morajko from CCC Polsat Polkowice attacked.

Christophe Le Mevel (Garmin-Cervelo) decided to counterattack, and Fabio Pisciopiello (De Rosa-Ceramica Flaminia) rode behind him. The twosome, however, did not manage to reach the leaders, who at that moment had 40 seconds of advantage over the peloton. A moment later at the front there was only the representative of CCC Polsat Polkowice, because Podlaski did not cope with the fast pace imposed by the champion of Poland from Kielce.

When there were only 87 kilometres left before the finishing line Morajko had one minute and twenty seconds of advantage. 70 kilometres before the finishing line Aleksander Pliuszin from Katiusza decided to attack, jumped quickly 30 seconds off the peloton, but he was a minute and twenty seconds behind Morajko.

The Moldavian cyclist got gradually closer to the Polish racer from CCC Polsat Polkowice and finally he caught up with him. 62 kilometres before the finishing line those two had an advantage of 30 seconds. In the peloton it was it was getting more and more turbulent, we observed numerous counterattacks, attempted among others by Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice).

Eventually, Marczyński got through to the front and replaced in the lead Jacek Morajko, who returned to the peloton. After several kilometres Pliuszin and Marczyński were joined by Daniele Righi (Lampre-ISD) and Luca Paolini (Katiusza). The foursome reached an advantage of about 30 seconds, however, eventually they got caught right before the sprint stage, although Marczyński and Paolini were resisting the rushing peloton until the end.

In the fierce fight at the sprint stage the best one was Heinrich Haussler from Garmin Cervelo, the second place was taken by Peter Sagan, and the third one was Marco Marcato. Right after the sprint stage Tomek Marczyński once again broke away from the peloton, this time to be joined by the Portuguese cyclist Nelson Oliveira from RadioShack.

The escapees were able to gain a minute and nine seconds of advantage. When there were 15 kilometres left before the finishing line the gap was still a minute and a dozen or so seconds, and at the beginning of the last lap the advantage was still within one minute.

The peloton, however, imposed a quick pace, which resulted in a situation where seven kilometres before the finishing line the advantage decreased to a dozen or so seconds. Oliveira was finally caught, but Marczyński kept fighting.

Eventually, Marczyński got caught two kilometres before the finishing line. In the peloton the situation was more and more anxious, because the finish decided on who will become the winner of the race.

Marcel Kittel turned out to be the quickest, and the second place was taken by Peter Sagan, securing himself a triumph in the whole race!
The highest classified cyclist of the CCC Polsat Polkowice team was Marek Rutkiewicz, who completed the race in the tenth place, 32 seconds behind the leader.


The results of stage 7, Kraków – Kraków, 128 km

1. KITTEL Marcel (Skil Shimano) 2h:50:00
2. SAGAN Peter (Liquigas-Cannondale)
3. HOWARD Leigh (HTC-Highroad)

75. TACIAK Mateusz
80. MATYSIAK Bartłomiej
90. BODNAR Łukasz 0:58
120. MENDES Jose 3:32
133. MORAJKO Jacek 12:01

The general classification of the race:

1. SAGAN Peter (Liquigas-Cannondale) 26h 39′ 58”
2. MARTIN Daniel (Garmin Cervelo) + 00′ 06”
3. MARCATO Marco (Vacansoleil) + 00′ 07”

10. RUTKIEWICZ Marek 0:32
28. MARCZYŃSKI Tomasz 2:27
42. MENDES Jose 6:30
89. MORAJKO Jacek 29:26
114. MATYSIAK Bartłomiej 43:03
123. TACIAK Mateusz 50:32
128. BODNAR Łukasz 57:16