TdSL: second sprints stage

The winner of the second stages of the Tour de San Luis was a cyclist from Baradini CSF team, Sacha Modolo. Bartlomiej Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) finished in 19th place.

The second stage of the Tour de San Luis (Cat. 2.1) is the next episode in a decisive manner to suit cyclists specializing in sprints. The route led from the village Tilisarao the Terraza del Portezuelo and the length was 174.1 km. Although the route was one mountain premium category 3, in the majority of the stage route ran on flat terrain with the finish line located on a small uphill. Just like yesterday, pretty much side wind blew as cyclists ride far more difficult.

From the start the riders imposed a very high rate of driving and despite what some time with the pack followed by attacks and attempts to departure. Escapes were many but no one thought that one of them will reach the finish line. The teams with the top sprinterami in their warehouses (including the Omega Pharma – Quick Step) took care of it to the finish the peloton arrived. And so it happened.

And as the stage proceeded, said our “permanent” correspondent from San Luis – Jaroslaw Marycz.

Hot, hot and hot again. During this stage as it is today in certain moments a man is happy that such a fast ride, even though it is hard, it is a little airflow cools the body. Sometimes the SRM-ie 42-43 degrees indicated, and that did make the effort to enter into his feet rather quickly. You have to remember to drink a lot, would not dehydrate.Today the sprinters used again until the end of their chance. Great finish Modolo performed. I have to admit that surprised Modolo won the Cavendish!
We went nicely Bartek Matysiak. He was in the “disagree”, but in the end lost its way a little (not studied carefully maps the finish line) and on the 19th zafiniszował site.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) we enter the mountains, so generalka surely turn upside down Jaroslaw Marycz-ended.
Sprint duel at the finish line in the Terraza del Portezuelo Sacha Modolo wins, beating yesterday staged a winner, Mark Cavendish. Third place was taken by Leigh Howard (Orica GreenEdge). Bartlomiej Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) finished in 19th site.
The leader of the general classification of a consecutive winner, Sacha Modolo. Bartek is 16th Matysiak place.

During yesterday’s stage, the nearly 3-minute loss reported Marek Rutkiewicz and Jacek Morajko.
In the final kilometers of the route there was a big crash which was attended by nearly 50 riders – informs sports director Piotr Wadecki.

There was quite a stir. Fortunately, both players did not participate in it and only had to go around the victims. They lost a lot of time at a speed of almost 60 km / h, the peloton rode that it was impossible to catch them – ended Piotr Wadecki.

Today 3.etap race. Cyclists will be able to overcome the 173 km distance from La Punta to the Mirador Portrero de los Funes. The route of this stage the first major climb on the mountain in the premium category 1 Alto de Nogoli (average gradient of 6.7%), and finish the driveway at Mirador Portrero, where also the other mountain was located first bonus category