The 4th place of Smoleń in stage 3 of Bursztynowy Szlak.

Wojciech Kaczmarski from Legia Felt became the winner of the third stage of the 25th Road Cycling Race Szlakiem Bursztynowym Hellena Tour 2010. This time the cyclists had a route of 121 kilometres to cover from Kalisz to Kazimierz Biskupi.

The third stage was preceded by the ceremony of decorating of the best racers of the individual time trial. Then, before the Kalisz town hall was the parade start, the colourful peleton reached the outskirts of the town, and there the real racing began. At the first sprint stage in Janków the first was Piotr Kasperkiewicz from KTK Kalisz. Then a charge of 6 cyclists took place, in the group there were: Artur Detko (Aktio Group Mostostal Puławy), Paweł Czapla (Kellys GKS Cartusia Kartuzy), Danilo Kupfernagel (Jenatec-Cycling Mix Forst), Jakub Tomkiewicz (Legia Felt), Mariusz Wiesiak (Team Nippo) and Piotr Osiński (Mróz Active Jet). The breakaway group had, at the 50th kilometre, an advantage over the rest of over 2 minutes, however then it turned out – not for the first time – what the real power of peleton is. It consistently made up for the loss and although in Konin there were still 6 cyclists in the lead, their advantage melted a bit.

Kazimierz Biskupi was entered by the whole group led by Paweł Lis from KTK Kalisz. The struggle in rounds started, where usually competitors form an extended group. This time it did not happen, though. The racers crossed the finish line in a row, and the best was Wojciech Kaczmarski from Legia Felt. The third stage did not shuffle the classification much, thus the tomorrow’s race will be the decisive factor.
The last stage of the 25th Road Cycling Race Szlakiem Bursztynowym Hellena Tour 2010 is on Sunday. The racers will set off from Stawiszyn, and after covering 160 km they will cross the finish line in front of the Orbis Prosna Hotel in Kalisz, which will happen about 2 p.m. The conclusion of the race will have a really exceptional setting because of the anniversary of the race, as well as the 1850th anniversary of Kalisz, the ceremony of which is the race included in.

Results of stage 3:

1. Wojciech Kaczmarski/Legia Felt 2:52:2 each
2. Ruediger Selig/Jenatec-Cycling Mix Forst
3. Kamil Gradek/Kellys GKS Cartusia Kartuzy
4. Tomasz Smoleń/CCC Polsat Polkowice
5. Paweł Wdowiak/TC Chrobry Felt Głogów
6. Piotr Krajewski/Mróz Active Jet

classification after 3 stages:

1. Wojciech Ziółkowski/DHL Author/ 7:29:10
2. Tomasz Smoleń/CCC Polsat Polkowice/ 7:29:24
3. Tomasz Lisowicz/CCC Polsat Polkowice/ 7:29:35
4. Kamil Gradek/Kellys GKS Cartusia Kartuzy/ 7:29:35
5. Piotr Kasperkiewicz/KTK Kalisz/ 7:29:36
6. Sven Forberger/Team Isaac/ 7:29:46

source: www.ktk