The CCC Polkowice team after their first training camp.

On Sunday 15 January the first training camp of the cycling team of CCC Polkowice ended. After a week’s stay in the LAS hotel in Piechowice the riders returned home for a short rest.

Almost whole team participated in the first training camp in Piechowice, except for the track cyclist Rafał Ratajczyk and Nikolay Mihaylov, who is preparing himself in Bulgaria for the season in a cycle of individual trainings.

Most of the time during the training camp was devoted to activities which developed the riders’ strength and endurance. Especially cross-country skiing is a good activity of such type in winter time. And on cross-country skis, in the nearby Jakuszyce the riders held their intensive training. Together with the riders of the CCC Polkowice team also young riders of the U-23 National Team of Poland trained led by coach Leszek Szyszkowski.

As a complement to the skiing-based training, general sports activities were held, during which football and basketball matches were played against the ‘young from U-23’, also the gym was made a use of. After the sports activities the riders benefited from the swimming pool and the sauna that are in the Hotel Las, and are to serve the riders to better prepare themselves for the new cycling season.

During the stay in Piechowice the riders had a cycling trainig too. They were only two short rides by bikes. We are leaving bicycle training for the next training camp – said the sporting director of the team Piotr Wadecki. Here, in Piechowice the riders have been building their endurance and strength, and at the next training camp, in Spain, we will get on the bikes to build up our ‘kilometre basis’.

I am very satisfied with the training camp in the LAS hotel – continued Piotr Wadecki. As usual we have been received very well by the owner of the hotel, who created perfect conditions for the stay, thanks to which for the whole week we could be putting to practice our assumed training cycle. The atmosphere in the team is excellent, the riders’ moods and health are fine and the training showed that the team is strongly integrated and they are looking forward to the first confrontation along the cycling routes.

The cyclists are going to stay at the training camp in Spain from 28 January to 14 February.