The CCC Polsat Polkowice line-up for Circuit des Ardennes.

On 5 April (Thursday) the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice are leaving for France where from 6 to 8 April they are going to take part in a stage race Circuit des Ardennes (2.2 UCI).

The 38th edition of the Circuit des Ardennes race consists of four stages, including the 26 kilometres long teams time trial. The contestants will ride along the course of the total length of almost 500 kilometres, the stages of which lead along very difficult roads, in the Ardennes, an hilly area on the French and Belgian border.

Over 20 cycling teams are going to stand at the starting line in line-ups of 6. An entry for the race came from one ProContinental team (Bretagne-Schuller) and 12 continental teams, among others from France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Russia, Croatia as well as a team from Poland – CCC Polsat Polkowice. Amateur teams from France and Belgium are also going to take part in the race.

The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice with the sporting director Robert Krajewski is going to appear as follows: Marek Rutkiewicz, Bartłomiej Matysiak, Adrian Honkisz, Mateusz Taciak, Nikolay Mihaylov and Paweł Charucki.


The programme of the race

stage 1 – 6.04 : Boulzicourt – Signy l’Abbaye (170 km)
stage 2 – 7.04: Renwez – Renwez (170 km)
stage 3 – 8.04: Sedan (Torcy) – Charleville-Mézières (Mohon) (26 km) – teams time trial.
stage 4 – 8.04: Charleville-Mézières – Sedan (Frénois) (120 km)