The composition of CCC ready to start in Memorial Grundmann and Wizowsk

On 8-9 June. will be held next race in the series ProLigi cycling BGZ – Memorial Grundmann and Wizowskiego.

Memorial Grundmann and Wizowskiego for the second time, is part of the event cycle ProLigi BGZ, in which riders will compete, among others of points in the general classification. Race consists of two stages and the winner of the Memorial will be the player who beat two-step route as soon as possible. In the event of the riders of equal time, determined by the sum of the first and second stages.
On Saturday, during the first stage the riders will compete in the 134 km long route around Grodowca which set both the start and finish. Stage is not too difficult, although the route, in Kurow Little is a driveway with premium mountain (slope max. 9.7%, average 1.7%), which the riders will have to defeat five times.