The composition of the CCC Polsat Polkowice on race Ster ZLM Toer in Holland

Tomorrow, June 12. CCC Polsat Polkowice team will take part in the Dutch etapówce Ster ZLM Toer GP Jan van Heeswijk (UCI category 2.1).

Five-stage cycling race on the current name Ster ZLM Toer GP Jan van Heeswijk has a very long tradition and is one of the best races organized in the Netherlands. Over the years, witnessed a change in his name associated with the direct sponsor and the number of steps, even though it is treated in the Netherlands as the most important race for professionals preparing to take part in the national championships and the Tour de France.

Since 2011, new sponsor was the company ZLM Toer and the race was expanded to four stages. In addition, in the name of race deceased’s name placed in 2010 by Jan van Heeswijk, a person who in a special way contributed to the development of the race. This year, the race was extended for a further stage, which is an 8-kilometer individual time trial.
Route the race is highly varied, ranging from flat areas (and the Stage 2 time trial around Breda) to strongly hilly trails in step 3 and 4th. During the third round Buchten in the region of Limburg, riders will meet a very difficult climbs the Cauberg, Bemelerberg and Loorberg. At stage four, where the route is also tightly folded, placed finish in the driveway. At the end of the race, the stage relatively flat with a few uphills.