The conclusion of the cycling season of 2010.

The cycling season of 2010 is over. For CCC Polsat Polkowice it was relatively good, the proof of which is in the victories, the total number of which, scored by the team, is 25 Moreover the cyclists of CCC stood on the second place of the podium 14 times, and they occupied the third place 15 times. It was also a very hard and exhausting season, because the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice returned to Professional Teams (the former 2nd Division) after several years’ break, which allowed her to participate in significant races in Europe. After intensive winter training camps in the Las hotel in Piechowice the cyclists started the season from very difficult races such as Vuelta Murcia, Ruta del Sol and Clasica Almeria where they confronted the lead of the worldwide cycling. They did not achieve great successes, although Tomasz Marczyński presented himself very well taking the 10th place in the general classification of the Tour de Murcia. The first victory of the team was achieved by Tomasz Smoleń by winning the 4th stage of of the Tour de Taiwan. Also in Poland the season started well, because Tomasz Marczyński scored another victory for the team by winning in Sobótka the race opening the cycling season. Further races of the CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclists were not too successful
Summing up the cycling season of 2010 the sports manager of the team Piotr Wadecki said: … that was a season of third and fourth places. After the successful season of 2009 and winning the Poland Championship title the just finished season was not a season we could be much satisfied of, if you look at the results. In more relevant for our team races we took the fourth and the third places (Championship of Poland – time trial, Championship of Poland – mass start race, Mountain Championship of Poland, Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich).It was also a year of difficult starts and of a big number of races we took part in (e.g. Łukasz Bodnar took part in 105races). I think that the effects of the work done by the cyclists this year, especially the young ones, and the experience gained in the races with the leading cyclists of the world will pay off in the coming season.

The cycling season of 2010 was completed by the cyclists of the CCC Polsat Polkowice team with races in Asia, where Tomasz Marczyński brought a valuable trophy from the Tour of Seoul

A list of wins of CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclists in the cycling season of 2010.

1. Smoleń Tomasz 4th stage of the Tour de Taiwan
2. Marczyński Tomasz The Memorial of Roman Ręgorowicz
3. Smoleń Tomasz stage 1 of Szlakiem Bursztynowym 2010
4. Rębiewski Jarosław The Grand Prix of Bełchatów
5. Marczyński Tomasz stage 2 of Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich
6. Bodnar łukasz stage 3 of Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich
7. Jeżowski Krzysztof Criterium Cuprum Cup – Lubin
8. Kiendyś Tomasz The Criterium in Szprotawa
9. Jeżowski Krzysztof the GC of Criterium Cuprum Cup
10. Sznitko Adam stage 2 of Małopolski Wyścig Górski
11. Smoleń Tomasz stage 2 of Małopolski Wyścig Górski
12. Honkisz Adrian stage 1 of Karpacki Wyścig Kurierów
13. Honkisz Adrian stage 2 of Karpacki Wyścig Kurierów
14. Honkisz Adrian GC of Karpacki Wyścig Kurierów
15. Bodnar Łukasz stage 1 of Pomerania Tour
16. Rębiewski Jarosław 7th Tyskie kryterium Fiata
17. Matysiak Bartłomiej The Ministry of Defence Cup
18. Smoleń Tomasz the Cup of the President of Rud Śląska
19. Kiendyś Tomasz stage 1of Szlakiem walk majora Hubala
20. Honkisz Adrian stage 2 of Szlakiem walk majora Hubala
21. Kiendyś Tomasz GC of Szlakiem walk majora Hubala
22. Bodnar Łukasz classic cycle race GP Villa Natura
23. Zielinski Kamil the Szosami Zagłębia race
24. Marczyński Tomasz stage 1 of Tour of Seoul
25. Marczyński Tomasz GC of Tour of Seoul

Tomasz Marczyński – 4 wins
Adrian Honkisz – 4 wins
Tomasz Smoleń – 4 wins
Tomasz Kiendyś – 3 wins
Łukasz Bodnar – 3 wins
Jarosław Rębiewski – 2 wins
Krzysztof Jeżowski – 2 wins
Bartłomiej Matysiak – 1 win
Adam Sznitko – 1 win
Kamil Zieliński – 1 win