The line-up of the youth National Team of Poland for the Nations’ Cup.

The coach of the road cycling youth national team Leszek Szyszkowski announced the line-up of the national team for the Nations’ Cup, that is going to take place in April, in Belgium, France and Holland.

On Saturday, 7 April, in Belgium Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloflen will be held, on 11 April in France – La Cota Picarde, and 14 April in Holland there is ZLM Tour.


The line-up of youth national team of Poland

Paweł Bernas
Piotr Gawroński
Kamil Gradek
Michał Kadrzyński
Łukasz Owsian
Łukasz Wiśniowski

coach: Leszek Szyszkowski


source: PZKol