The lineup of CCC for the Hubala race.

28 August (Saturday) in Końskie the first stage of the jubilee 10th International Road Cycling Race „Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala”. The first stage of the race, 180 km long, will be as usual held on the 45 kilometres long lap around Końskie, which will be passed by the cyclists four times. The start, and the finishing line at the same time, is located near the monument of Hubal, at the corner of Polna and Hubala Streets in Końskie. Before the start there will be a ceremony of placing flowers at the monument of Hubal by representatives of the cyclists and of the local authorities of the town and the Końskie administrative district, to pay tribute to the heroic commander from World War Two, whose 70th anniversary of death is celebrated this year.

Next the cyclists will set off on the route of the race, which will lead through: Brody, Wincentów, Gatniki, Sielpia, Barak, Miedzierzę, Cisownik, Strażnica, Przyłogi, Czarna, Janów, Wąsosz and in Końskie, along the streets: Browarna, Partyzantów, Południowa and Polna. The cyclists’ arrival at the finishing line is expected at about 15.30

On the next day, 29 August (Sunday), in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki the second stage of the race will be held. The cyclists will have a route of 130 kilometres to cover, through Nasielsk, Pomiechówek to Nowy Dwór, where the starting and the finishing line is situated.

Cyclists of all Polish professional teams announced their participation in the race, as well as cyclists of foreign teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice will appear as follows: Sylwester Janiszewski, Dariusz Batek, Adrian Honkisz, Łukasz Bodnar, Tomasz Marczyński, Tomasz Smoleń, Tomasz Kiendyś and Kamil Zieliński.

It is worth noting that among the CCC team there will be Tomasz Kiendyś, the tripple winner of that race, who in the seasons of 2005, 2007 and 2008 received, as the main price of the race a replica of Major Hubal’s sabre.