The Portuguese cyclist Jose Mendes in the CCC Polsat Polkowice team.

As the Management of MKS Polkowice informs, a Portuguese cyclist – Jose Mendes – has signed a contract with the CCC Polsat Polkowice team. He is another foreigner in Piotr Wadecki’s team who is to be a significant support of the team in the cycling season of 2011, apart from the sprint cyclist from the Whirlpool team – Andre Schulze.

This 25-year-old cyclist (born on 24 April 1985) lives in Guimaraes and has had a career of several years, during which there are a lot of successes. In the previous season – 2010 – he appeared in the team of La-Paredes for which he scored 4 wins, winning among others stages in races such us: Trofeo Agostinho, GP Minho and GP Liberty Seguros. Jose Mendes is a cyclist who rides well in the mountains, which may be seen among others in the victory during the race of Trofeo Agostinho in the mountains category

After signing the contract Jose Mendes said: It is a great opportunity for me to take part in races of high class, and to learn about another culture and another country. I am sure that this experience will let me develop my cycling career.

The most important achievements of Jose Mendes in the season of 2010

1st place – stage – GP Minho
1st place – stage – Troeo Agostinho
1st place – stage – GP Liberty Seguros
1st place – mountains classification – Trofeo Agostinho
2nd place – stage – Tour of Portugal
3rd place – general classification – GP Minho
4th place – general classification – GP Liberty Seguros
6th place – Memorial Bruno Neves (Portugal Cup)
6th place – Clasica Amarante (Portugal Cup)
7th place – stage of individual time trial Vuelta Castilla León

Previous years

3rd place – general classification – Circuito Lorraine (2.1) 2009
3rd place – Championship of Portugal – individual time trial, 2009
4th place – stage – Circuito Lorraine (2.1) 2009
2nd place – stage – Vuelta Chihuahua (2.1) 2008
4th place – stage – Tour Luxemburg (2.HC) 2008
9th place – general classification – Tour Luxemburg (2.HC) 2008
10th place – general classification Vuelta Chihuahua (2.1) 2008