The race for the Cup of the Minister of Defence – the end of BGŻ ProLiga.

Next Saturday in Płock, after the classic race for the Cup of the Minister of Defence (Wyścig Kolarski o Puchar Ministra Obrony Narodowej), we will know the triumpher of the BGŻ ProLiga 2011 cycle. Only three cyclists have a chance for final victory, all of them from the group of CCC Polsat Polkowice. The closest to the success is the double championship of Poland winner Tomasz Marczyński, who is overtaking his team mates Łukasz Bodnar and Marek Rutkiewicz.

The rivalry in BGŻ ProLiga 2011 will end with the race for the Minister of Defence Cup. It will have been the 11th race where the cyclists are going to collect points for the classification of the cycle. After the ten held so far Tomasz Marczyński, with 168 points collected is the leader. The cyclist of the CCC Polsat Polkowice group is overtaking his team mates: Łukasz Bodnar by 4 points and Marek Rutkiewicz by eighteen points. It is clear that those cyclists will win the complete set of the places on the podium of BGŻ ProLiga, nobody knows yet in what order, though.

During the Saturday classic cycle race for the Cup of the Minster of Defence there will be 40 points to win, however even the fourth place, and increasing their achievements by 20 points may bring the final triumph in the classification of BGŻ ProLiga 2011 to one of the pretenders. The condition, however, is an absence of any rival among the leading ten cyclists. Even a difference of one place at the finishing line may decide about the final successes, especially in the rivalry between Tomasz Marczyński and Łukasz Bodnar, who are only four points apart. Points for the classification of BGŻ ProLiga will be awarded, according to the regulations, to the best ten cyclists.

The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice is going to participate in the race for the Cup of the Minister of Defence as follows: Łukasz Bodnar, Dariusz Batek, Adrian Honkisz, Błażej Janiaczyk, Sylewster Janiszewski, Tomasz Kiendyś and Tomasz Smoleń.

After the classic race for the Cup of the Minister of Defence the jersey of the leader of the BGŻ ProLiga 2011 will be awarded, the leader will be proclaimed the winner for the year of 2011. The ceremonial ending of the cycle and the award ceremony will take place during a special event after the season, the date of which will be given by the organizers of BGŻ ProLiga.