The race in Sobótka starts the cycling BGŻ ProLiga 2011.

On Sunday (03 April) the Ślężański Mnich race in Sobótka, opening the cycling season on Poland, starts the cycling ProLiga 2011, a cycle of the most important road cycling races in Poland. Thirteen races will make the composition of the cycling BGŻ ProLiga 2011. The competing in BGŻ ProLiga will end with the race of Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala planned for 1 to 4 September.

In this year’s cycle of BGŻ ProLiga the organizers have introduced several changes. The competition, that will take place only in individual classification of elite, will contain 12 both stage races and 1-day races belonging to the UCI calendar, including elite championships of Poland in individual time trial and mass start. Because of its significant role in the Polish cycling, by the decision of the organizers, the thirteenth race of Ślężański Mnich in Sobótka was incorporated into the competition; it will show the first leader of the cycle on Sunday. Three races from the BGŻ ProLiga calendar were awarded the SUPER category. During the races of Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich, the Race of Solidarity and Olympics and during the Championship of Poland of elite in mass start, cyclists will be allowed to score more points.
In the season of 2011 all Polish cyclists will participate in the competitions of BGŻ ProLiga, not only those from professional teams, out of whom the best ones will win points to the classification of BGŻ ProLiga. After each of the races, based on the points won, the current classification will be calculated, and the leader of BGŻ will be selected, who is going to receive a special jersey during the award ceremony.

On Tuesdays, after each of the planned race half-an-hour reports on TVP Sport have been planned, besides information will appear in the news and sports programs of TVP. The program of the coverage of each particular race will be published on Moreover, after each race on the portal of YouTube short films will be shown, presenting cycling with a bit of distance, with humour. Ryszard Szurkowski, the world champion from Barcelona, a multiple winner of the Peace Race is going to be the patron and expert of BGŻ ProLiga. The jerseys for leaders will be produced by the Danielo company of Daniel Chądzyński.

The originator and organizer of ProLiga is the Association of Fans of Professional Cycling Groups (Stowarzyszenie Sympatyków Zawodowych Grup Kolarskich), represented by the President Tomasz Jaroński. The aim of BGŻ-Proliga is raising the level of professional cycling in Poland and promoting cycling in the media. More information about BGŻ Pro-Liga 2011 may be obtained on the website of the cycle:

The races of the cycling BGŻ ProLiga in 2011 r.

1. Ślężański Mnich Sobótka 3 April
2. Memorial of Andrzej Trochanowski Warszawa 1 May
3. Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich Lower Silesia 6-8 May SUPER
4. Małopolski Wyścig Górski Kraków 16-18 June
5. Championship of Poland – time trial Złotoryja 23 June
6. Championship of Poland – mass start Złotoryja 26 June SUPER
7. The Race of Solidarity and Olympics Łódź 29 June – 03 Jul. SUPER
8. Wyścig Dookoła Mazowsza Warszawa 26 -30 Jul
9. Memorial of Henryk Łasak Sucha Beskidzka 13 Aug.
10. Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich Iwonicz Zdrój 14 Aug.
11. Cud nad Wisła Warszawa 15 Aug.
12. The Minister of Defence Cup (Puchar MON) Warszawa 20 Aug.
13. Szlakiem Majora Hubala Końskie 01-04 Sept.