The Race of Solidarity and Olympics: Sapa wins, Bodnar in the 14th place.

Marcin Sapa (Polska Szosowa/BDC Team) won the 22nd edition of the Race of Solidarity and Olympics which ended on Saturday in Łódź. In the last, fourth stage the German Steffen Radochla from Nutrixxion Sparkasse triumphed after a field sprint.

The 4th stage of the race led from Radomsko to Łódź, and its length was almost 170 kilometres. The route of the stage was exceptionally flat, and the only impairment the cyclists had to struggle with were quite strong winds and a low temperature. Despite a lot of actions and attempts to break away, only in the 70th kilometre of the distance six cyclists rode out of the peloton. There were in it among others: Bartłomiej Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) and a cyclist of BGZ Team, Jarosław Rębiewski. They achieved almost a minute of advantage over the peloton and after riding the next dozen or so kilometres the peloton eliminated the breakaway.

When the peloton crossed the line of the special intermediate stage in Głuchów, another three cyclists jumped out of the peloton: Wojciech Skarżyński (Polska MTB), Konrad Tomasiak (Polska Młodzieżowa) and Martin Hunal (AC Sparta Praga). They were escaping for over 50 kilometres reaching a little advantage over the peloton. In the finish of the stage the threesome were joined by Paweł Bernaś and Adrian Kurek (both from Polska MTB) but the working hard peloton did not allow the escapees to reach the finishing line. When the peloton was approaching Łódź the breakaway was eliminated and it was clear that the sprint cyclists will fight for the stage win.

The quickest at the finishing line was the German, Radochla, who with a big advantage overtook the cyclists from the team of Telenet – Fidea, the Swiss Arnaud Grand and the Belgian cyclist Tom Meeusen.

The last, fourth stage from Radomsko to Łódź did not introduce any greater changes in the general classification. Marcin Sapa, a representative of BDC Team defended the yellow jersey of the leader and reached for the final victory in the race.
Łukasz Bodnar (CCC Polsat Polkowice) took the 14th place in the final classification.

The results of stage 4, Radomsko – Łódź, 170 km,
1. Steffen Radochla (Nutrixxion Sparkasse ) 3:58:28
2. Arnaud Grand (Telenet – Fidea)
3. Tom Meeusen (Telenet – Fidea)

14. Andre Schulze
31. Tomasz Smoleń
44. Bartłomiej Matysiak
45. Tomasz Kiendyś
56. Łukasz Bodnar
DNF Tomasz Marczyński

The final classification of the race.

1. Marcin Sapa (Polska Szosowa/BDC Team) 15:59:52
2. Aleksander Szedyk (ISD Lampre – Continental) 0:14
3. Roman Bronis (AC Sparta Praga) 0:20

14. Łukasz Bodnar 3:35
40. Andre Schulze 3:44
60. Tomasz Kiendyś 7:07
67. Tomasz Smoleń 9:31
68. Bartłomiej Matysiak 9:31