The Race of Solidarity and Olympics: Schulze loses the leader’s jersey.

Marcin Sapa from the Polska Szosowa teamwon, after a successful break-away, the third stage of the Race of Solidarity and Olympics in Kielce, and he became its new leader. He defeated his companions in the break-away, Aleksander Sheydyk (ISD – Lampre Continental) and Roman Bronis (AC Sparta Praga). The leader of the race so far, Andre Schulze (CCC Polsat Polkowice), crossed the finishing line in the 8th position, 3 minutes and 16 seconds adrift of the leader.

The route of the third stage of the race led from Jędrzejów to Kielce and its length was 167 kilometres. The profile of the route had not indicated that it would be such a difficult stage, except for the last 25 kilometres, where there were 3 climbs in quite steep uphill stretches in Krajno. An additional and, as it turned out, the biggest impairment was the weather during the stage. It rained heavily from the very start in Jędrzejów, and the temperature dropped to 11 degrees Celsius.

Until the 20th kilometre of the route the peloton was riding together, and all the attempts of breakaways got eliminated quickly. In the further kilometres the Slovak cyclist Roman Bronis from Sparta Praga attacked, joined by: Marcin Sapa (Polska Szosowa/BDC Team) and the Ukrainian cyclist from ISD – Lampre Continental, Aleksander Szedyk. The escaping threesome quite soon gained advantage over the peloton, and at the first intermediate stage in Busko Zdrój they already had 2 minutes of advantage.
On the way to the finishing line in Kielce they settled among themselves the subsequent sprint stages, dividing among themselves the bonus seconds. Before entering the climb in Krajno the advantage of the escapees was over 4 minutes. Despite hard work of the peloton, and the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice in particular, the advantage decreased a bit. In the uphill stretch for the last climb the leader of the race, Andre Schulze, had some problems with his bike, which made the chase after the breakaway slower. The cyclists, wet and cold, did not have strength to chase the breakaway any more. When the escaping threesome passed the gate marking 10 kilometres before the finishing line, and their advantage was still oscillating around 3 minutes, it was clear that the threesome would reach the finishing line and they will settle the winning among themselves.

The last kilometre of the route was a bit up-the-hill, which was taken advantage of by Marcin Sapa who had maintained the most strength and confidently won the finish. He defeated Aleksander Szedyk and the much tired Roman Bronis.
Marcin Sapa became the leader of the race, taking over the yellow jersey from Andre Schulze (CCC Polsat Polkowice).

The results of stage 3 Jędrzejów – Kielce, 167 km,

1. Marcin Sapa (Polska Szosowa/BDC Team)
2. Aleksander Szedyk (ISD Lampre – Continental)
3. Roman Bronis (AC Sparta Praga)

8. Andre Schulze 3:16
56. Tomasz Marczyński
66. Łukasz Bodnar
71. Tomasz Kiendyś 6:40
76. Bartłomiej Matysiak 9:04
80. Tomasz Smoleń