The Race of Solidarity and Olympics: Schulze wins in Kraków and becomes the leader of the race.

Andre Schulze from CCC Polsat Polkowice won stage 2 of the Race of Solidarity and Olympics. At the finishing line in Kraków he defeated, in a sprinters’ duel, the German from the team of LKT Brandenburg, Tino Meier and the Belgian cyclist Tom Meeusen Telent – Fidea). Schulze became the new leader of the race.

The second stage of the race led from Jasło to Kraków, and along its 160 kilometres long route there were two intermediate stages and one climb in Rzepiennik Strzyżewski. After the start in Jasło the peloton was riding very dynamically, but only before the climb, at the 46th kilometre of the route a group of 10 cyclists jumped off the peloton, led by the present Champion of Poland Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice). He won the climb, and then the intermediate stage in Ciężkowice. The escaping group got eliminated and the peloton rode the further kilometres together.
Only before the buffet zone, about the 100th kilometre, another group – of 4 people – rode away from the peloton. There were in it: Adam Wadecki (Polska Elita), Bartosz Warchoł (Polska Młodzieżowa), Konrad Czajkowski (BGŻ Team) and Maksym Wasiliew (ISD Continental). Quite soon they reached an advantage of a bit over 2 minutes, but the working hard peloton was merciless. Along the streets of Kraków (Nowa Huta) the peloton was already riding together, and it was clear that the sprint cyclists would fight for the stage win. In the final metres of the route, leading along winding streets, the peloton got a bit torn, and the referees counted a loss of 9 seconds to the finishing leading group.
Andre Schulze (CCC Polsat Polkowice) turned out to be the quickest sprint cyclist out of that group, defeating his compatriot, the German cyclist Tino Meier from LKT Team Brandenburg and the Belgian cyclist from Telenet-Fidea, Tom Meeusen.
Andre Schulze became the new leader of the race and is 4 seconds before Tom Meier and 5 seconds before the first leader Tomas Buchaček .
Tomasz Marczyński put on the green jersey of the best climber of the race, and Andre Schulze is also the leader of the points classification.

The results of stage 2 of the race Jasło – Kraków, 159.1 km.

1. Andre Schulze (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 3:41:21
2. Tino Meier (LKT Brandenburg)
3. Tom Meeusen (Telent- Fidea)

18. Tomasz Kiendyś 0:09
26. Tomasz Marczyński
34. Bartłomiej Matysiak
37. Łukasz Bodnar
63. Tomasz Smoleń