The Race of Solidarity and Olympics:Bodnar’s 3rd place in Krosno.

Tomas Buchaček from PSK Whirpool-Author became the winner of the first stage of the race of Solidarity and Olympics. At the finishing line in Krosno he defeated Marcin Sapa (Polska szosowa/BDC Team) and Łukasz Bodnar (CCC Polsat Polkowice). The peloton of 50 cyclists came to the finishing line 4 seconds after the winner, brought by the German cyclist Andre Schulze (CCC Polsat Polkowice).

The 1st stage of the Race of Solidarity and Olympics began with the start in Nowy Sącz and it ended with the finishing line in Krosno, and its route led in quite a difficult, hilly area. Along its 171-kilometre route the organizers placed three intermediate stages and as many as five climbs with the very difficult uphill stretch to the Kamieniec castle. Despite numerous attacks, which began right after the start of the cyclists, they all rode together for 50 kilometres. After passing the special intermediate stage in Cieklin two cyclists jumped out of the peloton: Michał Podlaski (Polska Elita/Aktio Group Mostostal Puławy) and the Duchman Jenning Huizenga (the National Team of Holland). They quickly gained an advantage of 5 minutes, and on their way to the finishing line in Krosno they distributed the points of the intermediate stages and the climbs among themselves.

At the 130th kilometre, after the intermediate stage in Rymanowo, due to the cyclist riding in the wrong direction the organizers neutralized the stage, stopping the peloton and the escaping twosome. The further kilometres of the route were ridden by the cyclists after referees’ corrections, according to which the two escapees set off first and after about 2 minutes the peloton started. Before the last climb the escapees got absorbed into the peloton, and out of the group Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice) attacked, behind whom Paweł Cieślik (BGŻ Team) and Michael Rasmussen (Christina Watches) rode. In that order they won the points of the category 1 climb, but right in the downhill stretch they were caught up with by the peloton of about 30 cyclists

When the peloton appeared in the suburbs of Krosno Łukasz Bodnar decided to attack, pulling Sapa and Buchaček. The threesome reached the finishing line with an advantage of 4 seconds and the settled the struggle for the victory among themselves. The quickest was Buchaček, becoming the first leader of the 22nd Race of Solidarity and Olympics.

The results of stage 1, Nowy Sącz – Krosno, 171 km

1. Tomas Buchaček (PSK Whirlpool – Author) 4h 21′ 24″
2. Marcin Sapa (Polska szosowa) 0:06
3. Łukasz Bodnar (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 0:04
4. Andre Schulze (CCC Polsat Polkowice)

24. Tomasz Marczyński
25. Tomasz Smoleń
45. Bartłomiej Matysiak
48. Tomasz Kiendyś