The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice at Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich.

Today in the evening (3 May) the start in Legnica, with a cycling criterium around the castle, the 47th edition of the International Cycling Race ‘Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich’ (cat. 2.1 UCI) begins.

The race of ‘Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich’ is the first this season stage race from the UCI calendar, at the same time another race in the cycle of the cycling BGŻ ProLiga. The race consists of 4 stages and a criterium in Legnica, during which the riders are going to fight for the jerseys of particular classifications of the race. The riders, during the race, are going to ride the total distance of over 300 kilometres, and the routes of particular stages lead, as every year, through Jawor, Złotoryja, Świdnica, Dzierżoniów and Polkowice. The riders will struggle along the uphill stretches to Kapela, Podgórki, the Jugowska and Walimska mountain passes as well as the Sokola pass. In the schedule of the race there is also the 30 kilometre long individual time trial along the route: Polkowice-Tarnówek-Polkowice.

At the starting line of the race we will see fifteen 8-rider cycling teams. All Polish professional teams (BGŻ Team, BDC MarcPol, CCC Polsat Polkowice, Wibatech Ziemia Brzeska) as well as riders from Denmark (Christina Watches – Onfone), Slovenia (Adria Mobil), Germany (Team NSP-Ghost), Austria, Croatia and the Czech Republic are going to fight to win the race.

The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice, for which it is a very important race, given the fact that it is in Polkowice that their main sponsor is based, and in front of ‘their own audience’ they will want to achieve the best results possible. The sporting director of the team Piotr Wadecki appointed to the line-up the riders that have already achieved successes during this year’s starts. The leader of the team is Marek Rutkiewicz, who will fight to win the whole race, and to regain the jersey of the leader of the cycling BGŻ ProLiga. He will be supported by: Tomasz Kiendyś, Bartłomiej Matysiak, Mateusz Taciak, Piotr Gawroński, Adrian Honkisz, Grzegorz Stępniak and Nikolay Michaylov.

Every rider has received his tasks for that race, and the main task is Marek Rutkiewicz’s victory in the whole race – said the sporting director of the team Piotr Wadecki. The line-up of the team for Grody is optimal, and seeing the riders’ attitude, commitment, the level of training and the achievements so far, I hope that we will be fighting for the main goal – the victory. I also count on good performance on the part of Grześ Stępniak, who may fight for the stage win on the relatively flat route around Polkowice, as well as on Nikolay Michaylov in the stage of the individual time trial. Talking about the goals of our team for that race I am aware that a lot of foreign teams with very good riders came for Grody and they will also try to achieve the best possible results in the race. Let me add, that among the Polish cycling teams the competition is also intense, because it is among others about the leading in the cycling BGŻ ProLiga. At present the leader’s jersey is in the hands of Tomek Smoleń from BGŻ Team and Marek Rutkiewicz will fight to regain it.