There was a lot of fun

Today, in the sports hall at SP 2 was a meeting of students from primary school with professional cycling riders CCC Polsat Polkowice . There was a lot of fun, fitness competitions , and gifts.

One boy asked a question whether the packages lying on the floor are for children . This question sparked a lot of laught. Anyway, it was cheerful throughout the meeting . About their careers , as well as the beginning of the adventure of cycling told Marek Rutkiewicz and Tomasz Kiendyś . The direction of professional cycling group in turn told athletic directors – Peter Wadecki and Robert Krajewski . The whole lead specialist of marketing in our club, Tomasz Szulc . When children saturate knowledge of cycling ‘s time for a mini tournament which also took part in orange cyclists . Prepared interesting competitions that require skills not only cycling , but also the overall efficiency . The most fun was when the lists stood physical education teachers . It turned out that cycling on the floor of the sports hall is not an easy task. One of them happened to even a spectacular fall. Most importantly, however , it was a lot of laughter. At the end of the riders donated gifts to children .
Today’s cycling event was to popularize the sport as well as encouraging young people to play sports Polkowice .