Tomasz Marczyński 2nd in the ‘Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich’

The victory of Marek Rutkiewicz (Mróz ActiveJet) ended the road cycling competition in the 11th International Race of ‘Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich’. The seventh cyclist of this year’s Tour de Pologne outstripped at the finishing line his companions from the break-away group Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice) and his team-mate Jacek Morajko.

Right after the start of the cyclists in Iwonicz Zdrój a group of 16 contestants broke away of the peloton, gaining quite soon an advantage of several minutes over it. The action deciding about the result of the race took place when the cyclists were negotiating the climb in Solina. Out of the escaping group Marek Rutkiewicz together with Jacek Morajko attacked. Riding in the break-away group Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice) joined the two cyclists and together working hard they soon gained their advantage over the other cyclists. When there were no more than 20 km to the finishing line the three of the break-away group had an advantage of over 5 minutes and then it was clear, that it was among them that the finishing part will be settled.

The three escaping cyclists reached together the final metres, and the best one at the finishing line turned out to be Marek Rutkiewicz, who crossed the finishing line in Rymanów Zdrój alone. In the fight for the second place Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice) won against Jacek Morajko.

The results of ‘Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich’, 168 km

1. RUTKIEWICZ Marek (Mróz ActiveJet) 03:59:10”
2. MARCZYŃSKI Tomasz (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 0:17”
3. MORAJKO Jacek (Mróz ActiveJet)

6. HONKISZ Adrian 6:25”
21. REPIŃSKI Tomasz 17:08”
40. BATEK Dariusz