Tomek Marczyński’s new website.

On Monday 4 June this year the cyclist of CCC Polsat Polkowice,Tomasz Marczyński presented his new website. The Internet address is www. tomaszmarczyń and it is a continuation of the previous version, although the format of the site has been changed and a lot of new interesting bookmarks are there, where you can find information about Tomek’s career, results and career plans. This is what he wrote about his new website in the first post:

I haven’t been able to write how things were with me, because my website was under construction. From today on you can visit in a completely new form. Now you will be able to find there not only news from me, but also other news from the world of cycling. I hope that you will like the idea and that now you will visit my portal even more frequently.

All fans of cycling, and of Tomek Marczyński in particular are invited to visit his website.