Top 10 for Sisr in Schaal Sels

Belgian Schaal Sels (1.1) saw numerous attacks launched by CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders and top 10 sprint finish by Frantisek Sisr.

Info: August 26th,  Merksem – Merksem, 184,7km

Course: flat (14 laps, 13,1km each)

Schaal Sels was known in the cycling world for their unusual, almost cyclo cross-like course. This year however, the route was modified quite drastically and the entire race was held on the asphalt streets of Merksem.

It was still an action-filled race though and situation up the road would change constantly. The bunch was getting split on multiple occasions and none of the teams were in full control. CCC Sprandi Polkowice were riding aggressively and made sure they are in every important move.

Paweł Bernas, Great War Remembrance Race winner was in another key break, as he went away with 78km to go with 5 other riders. This time his attempt didn’t stay clear until the finish, as it was brought back in, by reduced to around 40-50 riders bunch, inside closing 20km.

Lone attacker tried a late attack in the finale, but he also got caught, with 800m to go. At that point “orange train” was setting up for the sprint, with 4 riders pacing the pack. They worked for their sprinter, Frantisek Sisr. Since other teams also got involved, he faded  to 7-8th place in the group and arrived across the line in 9th.

Thimothy Dupont took the win, ahead of his teammate, Alfdan De Decker and Christophe Nopp.