Tour d’Azerbejdżan: Linus Gerdemann wins 4th stage, Josef Cerny 11th

Linus Gerdemann (MTN – Qhubeka) was the winner of the fourth stage of the Tour d’Azerbaijan with the finish on the uphill in Pirqulu. Josef Cerny reported on the finish line on 11th place.

The penultimate fourth stage of the Tour of Azerbaijan started in Qabali and after driving 115 km route, ending with 20-kilometer uphill in Pirqulu. Although the cyclists had a small distance, the stage has urned out to be the most difficult of all stages of the race.

The first 60 km route led to the slightly hilly terrain which is very conducive to cyclists who tried to pull away from the peloton. First attacked the 6 -person group of cyclists to which Josef Cerny joined to. In subsequent kilometers joined them the next group with Gerdemann, Zakarin and Rogin. The combined group started working together which allowed them to gain a significant advantage over the peloton. At the 50 kilometer route advantage was more than three minutes.

Ultimately the fate of the stage decided the final uphill in Pirqulu. With every mile of uphill leading group began to divide. In front rode together Gerdemann and Zakarin, leaving behind the backs other participants of the race. On the last kilometers Gerdemann had technical problems with the bike. Riding with him Zakarin waited for a colleague and after removing a breakdown they together continued running.

At the finish line first reported Linus Gerdemann ( MTN – Qhubeka ) and just behind him was Ilnur Zakarin ( Rusvelo ). After nearly two minutes, Vitaliy Buts reached the finish line( Kolss Cycling Team ).

Josef Cerny crossed the line in 11th place losing to the winner 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

After 4th stage, leader of the race became Ilnur Zakarin ( Rusvelo ). Josef Cerny (CCC Polsat Polkowice) loses to leader 6 minutes and 10 sec. and in the general classification takes 24th place.


Results of 4th stage, Qabala – Shamahi – Pirqulu, 115 km;

1. Linus Gerdemann (MTN – Qhubeka) 2:59:04

2. Ilnur Zakarin (Rusvelo)

3. Vitaliy Buts (Kolss Cycling Team) 1:55

11. Josef Cerny 2:13

35. Adrian Honkisz 5:32

59. Jacek Morajko 12:39

72. Piotr Gawroński 22:38