Tour de Hongrie: Sisr 10th in the longest stage

The longest stage of Tourde Hongire saw successful breakaway and a victory of Andrii Bratashchuk, who spent most of the race in the 3-man escape. Frantisek Sisr finished in 10th place.

Info: August 17th, stage 3, Cegléd– Hajdúszoboszló, 206km

Course: flat

Before the 3-man escape went away, Paweł Bernas took 2nd and 2 bonus seconds at first intermediate sprint, that awaited the riders just few kilometers into the stage. Patryk Stosz didn’t have to worry about retaining his KOM jersey, since the course was completely flat, with no categorized climbs.

Breakaway established quite large advantage of nearly 10-minutes, but with over 200km on the menu the peloton thought they have enough time to close that gap. It turned out that they started the chase just few seconds too late, as Andrii Bratashchuk was able to hold off the bunch and take the win.

Yellow jersey wearer, Manuel Belletti led the main group across the line, while Frantisek Sisr finished in 10th place. There was a split in the finale and the second group was charged 5 seconds and because of that Paweł Bernas, who came in with the fastest, moved up to 5th overall.