Tour Mediterraneen: Lokvista the winner, Rebellin eighteenth

The last stage of the Tour Méditerranéen (kat.2.1) won Jurgen Roelandts (Lotto – BELISOL). The winner of general classification was Thomas Lofkvist (IAM Cycling), Davide Rebellin finished on 18th position.

On Sunday, cyclists began the last stage of the Tour Méditerranéen, which ran from Bandol to Grasse. This was the longest stage of the race, counting 192 km and the route led to very strongly terrain. On race were two bonuses located on a mountain. The first of these cat.1,is situated on 100-kilometer which is difficult but with short uphill. Much more of a challenge for cyclists was 10 km long uphill to the other of the mountain bonus (cat.2) under Col du Tanneron. After the defeat of the bonus, the route clearly led the way to the finish in Grasse.

Immediately after the loss of cyclists in Bandol, many “adventurers” tried to pull away from the peloton. It was not easy, because each teams were controlled not allowing anyone to escape. Successful a group of 20 cyclists started to attack on 20 kilometer, when the route followed by the first stage of the uphill. Then the group of 17 cyclists escaped. Cooperation between the riders was very good which made the runaways began to rapidly increase the advantage over the peloton. When on the 100-kilometer mountain cyclists overcame the first cat.1 bonuses. chance of escape was over 3 minutes. On the next mountain bonus, after defeating a fairly difficult climb the Col du Tanneron, the advantage decreased to 2.5 minutes.

When to the finish line remained fewer miles, the peloton began to be organized to ride faster, in a particularly AG2R Mondiale and RadioShack teams. The group began to crumble fleeing the successive runaways and hard working peloton quickly liquidated advantage. Unfortunately, none of cyclists escaping the group failed to reach the finish line before the peloton. Eliminated the speeding peloton caught escaping and hard headed to the finish line in Grasse. The winner was Jurgen Roelandts from Lotto-BELISOL that about 4 seconds ahead of Francesco Reda (Androni) and 14 sec. Mikele Nievea of Euskatelu. The next cyclists crossed the finish in second intervals.

Davide Rebellin crossed the finish on the 24th place losing to the winner 41 seconds. Another cyclist of CCC Polsat Polkowice, who reached the finish line was Adrian Honkisz. He was 84th with a loss of about 16 minutes.

The winner of general classification was Thomas Lofkvist (IAM Cycling). Davide Rebellin (CCC Polsat Polkowice) finally took the 18th place the loss to the winner 2 minutes. and 17 sec.