Tour of Estonia: Good start CCC during the first day of the race

On Saturday, 30.05. Viimsi, a town north of Tallinn, began stage race Tour of Estonia (UCI category 2.1). On the first day the riders competed in the first stage of which was divided into two parts.

During the first part of the first stage the riders had to overcome the distance of 125 km circular route around Viimsi (10 laps of 12.5 km). Route stage ran after a relatively flat terni indicating that the victory will fight sprinters. There were a lot of attacks and attempts to departure but decided the victory consecutive sprint finish with the peloton. The best at the finish was Leonid Krasnov Russvelo crew. The sprint duel beat Konrad Dąbkowski (BDC – Marcpol) and Linus Dahlberg (People4you – Unaas Cycling). Top athletes from CCC Polsat Polkowice finished taking 11 Jaroslaw Marycz place. The leader of the race was the stage winner, Leonid Krasnov.
Results of phase 1a, Viimsi 125 km (10 X 12.5 kilometers);

1 Leonid Krasnov (Rusvelo) 2:40:06
2 Konrad Dąbkowski (BDC)
3 Linus Dahlberg (People for You)
11th Jaroslaw Marycz
21st Bartlomiej Matysiak
67th Matthew Smith
68th Davide Rebellin
97th Thomas Kiendyś
114th Matthew Taciak
120th Piotr Gawronski

In the afternoon of Tallinn has been carried out the second part of the first phase, which was riding a distance of 3 individual time trial km.Trasa even though it was very short riders made a lot of difficulties. She has narrow streets with many bends as much “wybijało” players with driving rhythms.The best time obtained representative hosts, Gert Joeaar who defeated the route in 4 minutes. 31 sec. Worse time for 2 seconds twisted Fredrik Ludvigsson (People4you – Unaas Cycling). Third place with a worse time of 4 seconds took Stefan Schumacher (Christina Watches-Onfone).
A very good time trial riders rode CCC Polsat Polkowice. Davide Rebellin defeated the route the individual time to time, worse than the winner of eight seconds and finished fourth. Just behind him came in a loss Jaroslaw Marycz 9 sec. to. Gert Joeaara. Eighth travel time acquired Thomas Kiendyś.
Results of phase 1b, Tallinn (3 km individual time trial);

1 Gert Joeaar (national representation Estonia) 4:31
2 Fredrik Ludvigsson (People4you – Unaas Cycling) 0:01
3 Stefan Schumacher (Christina Watches-Onfone) 0:04
4 Davide Rebellin (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 0:08
5 Jaroslaw Marycz (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 0:09

8 Thomas Kiendyś 0:13
Gert Joeaar took the lead in the overall standings.