Tour of Hainan: Kamil Zieliński 4th in stage 1.

Kamil Zieliński (CCC Polsat Polkowice) took the 4th place during stage 1 of the cycling race of Tour of Hainan 2011. The Thursday stage led from Sanya to Wuzhishan and it was 162.5 km long.

– The third place was almost there – said Zieliński at the finishing line.

The French rider Justin Jules (Velo Club La Pomme Marseille) became the winner of the stage, overtaking in the finish of the 39-person group the Kazakh rider Valentin Igliński (Astana) and Adama Phelana (Drapac).

In the leading group there were two more CCC Polsat Polkowice riders, leading out Zieliński in the finish, The 38th place was won by Dariusz Batek, and Mateusz Taciak was 39th, although 5 seconds behind the winner.

I led Kamil as far as 300 metres before the finishing line and I jumped away – said Mateusz Taciak. – That group ended for me quite soon and I did not manage to keep up with its pace, this is the reason for the gap. Frankly speaking, I regret losing those seconds.

We missed one more rider, to better lead Kamil out – added Dariusz Batek. – I believe we would have been able to win that stage, because the rivals were not that strong in the finish. They had bigger groups, though, and we did not cope against them.

Another player from the group of Piotr Wadecki – Bartłomiej Matysiak took the 51st place, 3.12 behind the leader. With the same time, in the 59th position Paweł Charucki crossed the finishing line, while Tomasz Kiendyś, 72nd, was 5.06 after the winner. . Sylwester Janiszewski was 100, as much as 8.59 after the triumpher.

In the general classification (the yellow jersey) Jules is the leader, 3 seconds before Igliński, 6 before Phelan and 10 seconds before Zieliński. The 38th Dariusz Batek has the same gap between him and the leader, and Mateusz Taciak, one place lower is even 15 seconds behind the leader.

On Friday the second stage of the race around Wuzhishan, 145.1 kilometres long.
The results of stage 1

1. Justin Jules (Velo Club La Pomme Marseille) – 4:12.36
2. Valentin Igliński (Astana)
3. Adam Phelan (Drapac)
4. Kamil Zieliński (CCC Polsat Polkowice)

38. Dariusz Batek
39. Mateusz Taciak – 00:05
51. Bartłomiej Matysiak – 03:12
59. Paweł Charucki
72. Tomasz Kiendyś – 05:06
101. Sylwester Janiszewski – 08:59

source: – Tomasz Piechal