Tour of Turkey – 2nd stage for Kruopis, Nowak 9th

The second stage of the Tour of Turkey consisted of 150 km and ran from Alanya to Antalya. Route stage in mostly flat, ran along the coast where at times quite zawiewał wind. This is the second phase of the sprint race.

The scenario of the day was identical to the first stage except for the finish, where the 1 km to the finish was quite a big crash, which thwarted plans sprinters. The riders started from the picturesque place Alanya, the seaside promenade which towers, situated at the top of the castle. They set out on the road quite a leisurely pace but when they left the city began regular attacks.

I was tipsy pack when I noticed that it is preparing an attack – reports Piotr Gawronski, a participant of escape. She jumped five riders and gained a slight advantage. Harder stood in the “cranks” and for a while I was with them. We all worked very line which resulted in the development of up to six minutes ahead of the peloton. When this advantage was quite large, for a while there was even hope that we might be able to get to the finish and zafiniszuję as in Ankara when I acquired European title of teenagers. Unfortunately, the peloton was absolute, and when it was getting closer to the finish line, it was known that he would do anything to us, “delete”. And so it happened – ended Piotr Gawronski.