Tour of Turkey: Marczyński – the hero of the day.

Tomasz Marczyński representing CCC Polsat Polkowice was the most remarkable racer during the second stage of the Tour of Turkey. He deserves the words of recognition the more so because apart from fighting against his rivals, difficult route, strong wind during the race he had to struggle with his disease.

During the Monday stage the CCC Polsat cyclist won intermediate stages, among others a climb and the special so called Turkish Beauties. – I have jumped at the beginning of the stage, on the first hill. When everybody was already a bit up the hill I risked and I managed to get away – reported Marczyński.

– The disease does not give up. In the morning I felt terrible, I got an injection with an antibiotic and I was afraid about whether I would be able to complete the stage. I that situation I couldn’t expect much more from myself than what I have already managed to do. I can’t complain about today’s result – he added.

– It was rather out of the question for me to get to the finish line because, among others the cooperation within the group did not go well – commented Marczyński.- I still hope for an improvement in my health, because in such a form it is really hard to contend – he concluded.

As they were present in the leading group the team of CCC Polsat was easily noticed from the very beginning of the race and on the podium in Turgutreis Marczyński was seen twice!