Tour of Turkey: unlucky Marczyński.

Sixteen stitches were applied to Tomasz Marczyński’s wound, after he had an accident in the finish of the third stage of the Tour of Turkey. It is hard to say whether the CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclist will appear in the Wednesday stage to Pamukkale.

Marczyński fell down at the most important moments, just as the most decisive actions were being taken. – About 20 km before the finish line, before perhaps the one-but-last climb several racers went ahead. I went after them but the cyclist in front of me cut onto my way and then it happened- explains the causes of the crash Marczyński.

– I pulled myself together quite fast, but for the next eight kilometres I was riding practically alone. I was passing other racers, but approaching the leading group was impossible at that moment – he reported after the stage. – I think, that but for the crash I would have been able to reach the finishing line in the second group. – he added.

The CCC Polsat cyclist has his right leg and knee bandaged. He was treated right after the stage in an ambulance. The doctors stitched his badly cut elbow and cleaned the wound on the knee. – It looks quite bad, sixteen stitches[all of them on his arm] and the big swelling. I don’t know about tomorrow, though. . I hope that I will be able to participate in the race. I have the Turkish Beauties jersey and I would like to retain. – he stated.

– That race was unlucky. It is very annoying when such accidents happen. I hope that the limit of bad luck has already been exceeded. – he concluded.