Unique monitoring program in CCC Sprandi Polkowice

CCC Sprandi Polkowice finished 2015 season and the preparation for the next one has already begun. Riders are undergoing extensive testing as part of the unique, medical-athletic monitoring program. 

The main goal of those tests is to eliminate potential health risks, minimizing the risk of injury and optimization of the training process – says Piotr Kosielski, team’s physician. – First, we carry out specialized diagnosis for all the riders. We analyze medical records, basically from the day they were born. We conduct all kinds of laboratory tests – morphology, biochemistry, immunology and microbiology. We also conduct cardiology, physiotherapy, cardiovascular and anthropometric tests,. The latter involves sectional analysis of body composition, the distribution of muscle mass and adipose tissue. We expand the diagnosis whenever we feel is necessary and began treatment to eliminate detected problems. All those actions are to help riders start the preparation for the next season discomfort-free and to help them reach their maximum potential.  

Based on the medical records, biological profiles will be created for every rider. Next stage will include monitoring particular laboratory, endurance and training parameters, checkups during the season and prevention. All the data will be compiled in the electronic team management system. Piotr Wadecki and the doctors will have an access to it and will be able to track any changes in medical and training parameters. The system will also improve selection of the riders for particular races.

All the tests are being conducted in collaboration with Medical University of Lodz. Cardiovascular tests are held in the Academic Laboratory of Movement and Human Physical Performance – “DynamoLab”, one of the biggest and best diagnostic centers of its kind in Europe.

The team plans to purchase professional, portable diagnostic equipment, which will allow for additional control during training camps and races.

Almost every World Tour team has more or less extensive monitoring program.Team Sky is probably the best example, but we don’t want to copy their solutions. We are looking for our own ways. What makes our program stand out is detailed and retrospective analysis, complexity and individualization of implemented solutions. We look at the tests, races and training as a single whole and we analyze interdependence. We are just getting started and we plan to expand our diagnostics for further specialized tests – Piotr Kosielski explains.

All of the riders should undergo first stage of the tests by the end of November,