Unlucky Scheldeprijs for the „orange squad”

It was not the way CCC Sprandi Polkowice had hoped Scheldeprijs (1.HC) would unfold. Marko Kump crashed out of the race, while majority of the “orange squad” were part of a big group that got disqualified for ignoring the railroad crossing.

Info: April 4th, Terneuzen – Schoten, 200,4km

Course: flat (crosswinds)

The race got off to a very fast and lively start. After first breakaway attempt, which Michał Paluta was part of, the peloton picked up the pace in the crosswinds. That acceleration split the field and allowed the bunch to catch the escape. The pace was furious in the first hour of racing, as the riders covered over 48 kilometers.

The main break of the day was established with 60km into the race and it included five riders. Despite the effort, this time the “orange squad” was unable to sent out one of their riders in the front.

The leaders built up over 3-minute gap, but that move was not something that the peloton was too concerned about.  For CCC Sprandi Polkowice more important things happened midway through the race, when first Marko Kump crashed out (with no serious injuries thankfully) and later, with 80km to go an incident happened that caused a group of 30-40 riders to be disqualified from the competition. Unfortunately Michał Paluta, Patryk Stosz, Jonas Koch and Adrian Kurek were all part of the group, which ignored the railroad crossing and went under the barrier.

All of that happened when the peloton was split in crosswinds. Jan Tratnik and Paweł Bernas, who were riding further back, stopped in front of the barrier and were allowed to continue. They were few minutes behind the pack though and couldn’t get back in the main field afterwards.

The race ended with a sprint from a shattered bunch and it was won by Fabio Jakobsen (Quick Step Floors).