Vuelta a Murcia: Nairo Quintan’s victory, CCC riders on further places.

Alexander Serov (RusVelo) became the winner of the 2nd stage of Vuelta a Murcia, which was an individual time trial. The winner of the general classification of the race was a young rider of Movistar Team, Nairo Quintana Rojas. The CCC Polsat Polkowice completed the race in further places.

On the last, second day of the race, the racers fought along a 12.3 kilometres long route of the individual time trial leading from Cash Europa (Murcia) to Gran Vía-Caja Murcia. The best time of the race belongs to a Russian from the RusVelo team, Alexander Serov, who rode the distance within 13 min. 64 s. He was better by 0.55 of a second than the Spaniard Jonathan Castroviejo (Movistar Team) and 3 seconds faster than Alexander Wetterhall (Endura Racing).

The best time among the riders of CCC Polsat was achieved by Tomasz Kiendyś, who rode the distance in 14 minutes 19 seconds, which gave him only 49th position. The other riders took further places.

Nairo Quintana (Movistar), the leader after the 1st stage of the race covered the distance with the time 14:18 which secured for him the victory in the general classification of Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia.

Bartosz Huzarski from the team of Netapp completed the race in the 9th position, and another Pole, Tomasz Marczyński (Vacansoleil), won the mountains classification of the race.


The results of stage 2, Cash Europa (Murcia) – Gran Vía-Caja Murcia, 12.3 km (individual time trial)

1. Alexander SEROV ( RusVelo) 0:13:46
2. Jonsathan CASTROVIEJO ( Movistar Team)
3. Alexander WETTERHALL (Endura Racing) 0:03

49. Tomasz KIENDYŚ 0:55
75. Marek RUTKIEWICZ 1:17
101. Dariusz BATEK 1:53
109. Piotr GAWROŃSKI 2:05
114. Mateusz Taciak 2:13
118. Grzegorz STĘPNIAK 2:20
120. Bartłomiej MATYSIAK 2:25


The general classification of the race:

1. Nairo QUINTANA (Movistar Team) 05:06:10
2. Jonathan TIERNAN-LOCKE (Endura Racing) 0:06
3. Wouter POELS (Vacansoleil –DCM) 0:09

36. Marek RUTKIEWICZ 04:01
76. Dariusz BATEK 9:35
80. Tomasz KIENDYŚ 10:19
107. Bartłomiej MATYSIAK 16:42
108. Mateusz TACIAK 16:59
110. Grzegorz STĘPNIAK 17:39
114. Piotr GAWROŃSKI 22:40