Wadecki: “I am satisfied with the attitude of the whole team in the Tour of Catalonia”

After the race the Volta a Catalunya, the team’s sporting director Peter Wadecki summarized the performance of their pupils. Here’s what he said.

I am pleased with the attitude of the whole team in the Tour of Catalonia – he said, summing up the race team sporting director Peter Wadecki. We all fought very ambitiously in almost every stage. They tried fight for points in both the sprint classification and how the mountain and tried to pull them to the finish line. On each of the riders briefing said that going to escape chances are limp it to the finish and fight for the best place. And so it happened twice . Marek Rutkiewicz and Maciek Paterski reported very good place.

Unfortunately, the lack of such a cherry on the cake , or a phased victory or place on the podium. It was indeed close. At the final stage of the race , thanks to an ambitious attitude Maciek Paterskiego podium was close . He arrived at the finish line in fourth place , which given the driving conditions during this stage , can be seen as its success . I am aware that this race fought the good company and the successful staging is extremely difficult .

I missed a little better Davide Rebellin available in the mountains. We were hoping that it will be arrived at a little higher positions , but severe weather conditions we have experienced in this race ( temperatures below zero , snow , rain and wind ) strongly gave him a misery .
As a general comment we can not be satisfied. We have until the end of March, the season really for us is just beginning , and already showed the good side – finished Piotr Wadecki .