Wadecki: ”It is an unlucky race for us”

The halfway point of the competition of the 46th Tour of Turkey has been passed. The outcome of the CCC Polsat team after four stages does not look good. Tomasz Marczyński and Adrian Honkisz battered and distant places of the races in the general classification.
– So far it has been an unlucky race for us – sums up the sports manager of the team Piotr Wadecki. – On Tuesday Tomek [Marczyński] fell down, today Adrian [Honkisz] . The first day of the competition in Turkey were not to supposed to look like that.
– Tomek was our best racer and we saw in him a chance for a high position in the general classification. After his withdrawal from the race we counted on Adrian. There comes another stage and he also has a crash. It will be difficult for him to compete in the days to come. For sure the results of the accident will make themselves felt. – commented Wadecki.

Honkisz, who was to replace Marczyński came to the finish line with an over 18-minutes long loss to the leader of the stage, Giovanni Visconti. – Adrian was going very well. I think that if it weren’t for the crash, he could have come in a much higher place. After the accident it was hard to do anything. Some time had passed before Adrian pulled himself together. Although we withdrew some boys to help, not much could be done. On Thursday another difficult stage. Apart from the hard route, the racers will struggle with quite a long distance of over 220 km.

source: – Fabian Florek