Wadecki: ‘The boys know what they are fighting for’

Piotr Wadecki’s cyclists are still fighting for the highest places in the 68th Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour. The manager of the CCC Polsat Polkowice team has talked about the team’s plans for the very hard, sixth stage, and he gave some characteristics of the fifth stage of the race.

– You might be happy after that fifth stage? Tomek Marczyński and Marek Rutkiewicz came in high places. What do you think about today’s stage?

Today five cyclists rode, the pace in the peloton was slow. If the pace had been faster from the beginning it would have been more difficult for the leader. However, it did not happen like that, so it was easier for Liquigas to control the situation. They were mountains for a high speed, of which there was not any in the peloton.

– What are the plans for tomorrow?

Marczyński, Rutkiewicz, Morajko and Menedes – they are the four cyclists, who were to be active in the mountains. If in the final part they are at the head, they will attack. Marek Rutkiewicz is our leader, but if at the end Tomek Marczyński feels better, he will attack.

– You may surely be satisfied with what CCC Polsat Polkowice has been representing so far?

I will put it like that: If we counted the time spent in breakaways, we would surely be a leader. In marketing terms it is very well, we have shown ourselves in the media, and it was all about it.

– How is CCC Polsat Polkowice getting on as a team? How does the team find itself among those great teams, which came for TdP?

It is a bit as if Lechia Gdańsk were to play against Barcelona or Manchester United. The boys know perfectly that they have high bonuses promised, they also know that they are fighting for bonuses for the next seasons, so they are giving a 100 % performance.

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